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Travelling can be an exciting and rewarding experience. But it can also come with its own set of logistical headaches, especially when it comes to airport parking. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to know what your best option is so you can make the most of your time and money. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about airport parking, from the types of parking available to the cost and more.

The first step

in choosing the right airport parking option is deciding which type of parking you need.

If you're looking for the most convenient and cost-effective option, be sure to compare quotes at A1 Auto Transport.There are several different types of airport parking available, including short-term, long-term, valet, and economy.

Short-term parking

is the best option if you're only going to be at the airport for a few hours.

Long-term parking

is more convenient if you plan on leaving your vehicle for a day or more.

Valet parking

is the most expensive option but it allows you to drop off your car quickly and easily.

Economy parking is the most affordable option and it's great for those on a budget. Once you've chosen the type of parking you need, it's important to look into the different fees associated with each option.

Short-term parking

can be quite expensive, depending on how long you plan on staying.

Long-term parking

will usually have a daily rate that can add up quickly if you're staying for multiple days.

Valet parking

fees vary from airport to airport, but they are typically the most expensive option.

Economy parking is usually the cheapest option, but it may not be available at all airports. It's also important to consider other factors when choosing an airport parking option. Some airports offer discounts for frequent travelers or members of certain loyalty programs. Other airports may offer discounts for booking online in advance. It's also important to consider location when choosing an airport parking option.

Some airports have remote lots that may require a shuttle ride to the terminal. Finally, there are some helpful tips to keep in mind when using airport parking. If possible, try to book your spot in advance to ensure availability and take advantage of any discounts offered. Make sure you read all the signs carefully so you know where to go when you arrive at the airport. Finally, leave yourself plenty of time to find a spot and get to your gate on time.

Location and Considerations

When choosing an airport parking option, it's important to consider the location of the parking lot.

Depending on the airport, there may be a variety of options available, ranging from on-site parking lots to off-site lots. On-site parking is usually more convenient and closer to the terminal, but it can be more expensive than off-site lots. When choosing an off-site lot, it's important to consider the distance from the airport and the ease of access to public transportation. It's also important to check the reviews of the lot and make sure that it is secure and well-maintained. In addition to location, other factors should be taken into account when selecting an airport parking option.

These can include the fees associated with the lot, the hours of operation, and whether or not they offer a shuttle service. It's important to compare different options and choose one that best meets your needs.

Tips for Smooth Airport Parking

Airport parking can be a stressful and time-consuming experience. To make your airport parking experience smoother, there are a few tips you should follow.

Book in Advance:

Booking your airport parking space ahead of time will help to ensure that you have a secure spot when you arrive.

This will also help to avoid any potential delays and ensure that you can get to the airport on time.

Leave Plenty of Time:

When it comes to airport parking, it's important to leave yourself enough time to find a spot and get to the terminal. Make sure you give yourself ample time before your flight so that you don't miss your flight due to delays in finding a space.

Consider Off-Site Parking:

Consider looking into off-site parking options as they can offer more convenient and cheaper options than those at the airport itself.

This will also save you from having to fight for a spot at the airport and will help to reduce your stress levels.

Check for Deals:

Before booking your airport parking, make sure you check online for any deals or discounts that may be available. This will help you save money and get the best deal possible.

Fees and Discounts

Short-Term Parking Fees If you plan to park your car at the airport for only a few hours or a day, short-term parking fees will apply.

These fees can range from $2 - $30 per hour depending on the airport. Additionally, some airports offer discounted rates for prepaid parking, so be sure to check if this is an option.

Long-Term Parking Fees

If you plan to park your car for more than 24 hours, long-term parking fees will apply. These fees are typically much lower than short-term parking fees, ranging from $5 - $20 per day.

Some airports also offer discounts for long-term parking, so be sure to check if this is an option.


Some airports offer discounts for members of loyalty programs, military personnel, and other groups. Additionally, some airports offer discounts for pre-booking or pre-paying your parking. Be sure to check if any of these discounts apply to you.

Types of Airport Parking

Short-Term Parking is designed for travelers who need to park for a short period of time, usually four hours or less.

Short-term parking is typically located close to the terminal, making it the most convenient option for travelers. Prices for short-term parking can vary based on the airport, but typically range from $2-$4 per hour.

Long-Term Parking

is designed for travelers who need to park their vehicle for a longer period of time. Long-term parking is usually located farther away from the terminal, so it may take longer for travelers to get to their destination.

Prices for long-term parking are typically cheaper than short-term parking and can range from $5-$15 per day.

Valet Parking

is a premium service offered at some airports that allows travelers to have their vehicles parked and brought back to them at the terminal. Valet services usually cost more than short-term or long-term parking, but they are convenient and can save time. Prices for valet parking can range from $15-$25 per day.

Economy Parking

is the least expensive option for airport parking.

Economy lots are usually located farther away from the terminal and offer lower rates compared to other parking options. Prices for economy parking can range from $4-$10 per day. Airport parking can be a stressful experience, but with the right knowledge and preparation, it doesn't have to be. By learning about the different types of airport parking, understanding the fees and discounts associated with each option, considering location and other factors, and following some helpful tips, you can make your airport parking experience as stress-free as possible.

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