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Welcome to the Airport

Click Here for Airport EVENT PAGE> WINGS OF FREEDOM TOUR Betty Jane | P-51C | Legendary |

Thanks to the Collins Foundation for sharing aviation history.

Dates: October 12 @ 2:00 pm - October 14 @ 4:30 pm

$5 – $15
Walk Through Tour Times (no reservations needed):
  • 10/12/2018 – 2:00 PM till 4:30 PM
  • 10/13/2018 – 9:00 AM till 4:30 PM
  • 10/14/2018 – 9:00 AM till 4:30 PM
$15 Adults / $5 Children 12 and under Flights take place before and after tours.
  • 30-minute flight on the B-17 or B-24 is $450 per person
  • 30-minute flight on the B-25 is $400 per person
  • 30-minute flight training on the TF-51D is $2200
  • 60-minute flight training on the TF-51D is $3200
Call 978-562-9182 for flight reservations.


More about our airport - 

Carroll County is located northwest of Baltimore City and borders Pennsylvania, south of the Mason-Dixon  Line in Maryland (“Terra Mariae”). The Carroll County Regional Airport /Jack B. Poage Field (KDMW) is situated in the beautiful communities of Carroll County.The Pitts Racer - Jack B Poage Memorial Airport

The Carroll County Regional Airport sits atop Parr Ridge, between the Upland Section (west of I-95) and the Lowland Section (east of the Blue Ridge), in the physiographic region of the Piedmont Plateau Province. The airport is accessible from Pennsylvania, the Chesapeake Bay, the Blue Ridge, Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware and Maryland.

A proud member of Maryland's airport infrastructure, KDMW (northwest of BWI) represents a premier airport facility. Recent improvements include; TARMAC, Corporate Hangars,FBO, Compass Rose, Taxiways and Facilities. The Carroll County Regional Airport is a reliever for the Baltimore International Airport (BWI)/ Thurgood Marshall Airport, a premier regional airport features Corporate and General Aviation (GA) facilities, services and support. Additional airports in the area are Glen L. Martin State Airport (northeast of BWI), Frederick Municipal Airport (west of BWI)-  substantial 5,000' runway provides ample area for commuter, private, experimental and cargo flights.

Our business is aviation, the business of supporting and maintaining a secure and safe environment for aircraft, pilots, and their passengers.


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39 ° 28' 19''  39.472 °


77 ° 02' 04'' -77.034 °
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200 Airport Drive, 
Westminster Maryland, 21157

Excellent proximity to recreational areas of Baltimore, Western Maryland, south-central PA and the Nation's Capital plus Washington, D.C. Starting from Carroll County Regional Airport, explore historical American battlefield sites in Pennsylvania or the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, Inner Harbor of Baltimore, the Potomac or Susquehanna River. A prefect connector to metropolis flavors while only minutes away from rural styles of central and western Maryland, south-central Pennsylvania or Washington D.C.

Maryland state flag, adopted in 1904, is the only state flag design based on British heraldry. Primarily based on the coat-of-arms adopted by Lord George Calvert (c. 1580 - 1632), the first Lord Baltimore. Lord Calvert used the yellow and black bars from the family shield; the red and white cross from the Crosslands, or the Mynnes. Maryland become the 7th state of the United States in 1788. Lean about the iconic symbols of Maryland; the Baltimore Oriole, Blue Shell Crab, the Rockfish and the Black-eyed Susan. 

Maryland is an eclectic mixture of business, relaxation, fun and sports. Carroll County Airport is only minutes from downtown Baltimore Maryland.


Downtown Baltimore Inner Harbor PlaceYou, the business traveler will appreciate our location for client meetings.  The airport is near superior meeting facilities and superior accommodations. The Carroll County Regional Airport can accommodate your Lockheed, Raytheon Beechjet or Hawker, Bombardier - LearJet, Sabreliner, Gulfstream G-series, Dassault - Falcon, and Cessna Citation business jet. Make your next seminar or meeting affordable to your guests and to you. Come, stay and fly Carroll County Regional Airport (DMW).


You have access to numerous mass transit methods in and around Baltimore. Amtrak connects in Baltimore with the east-coast commuter corridor or travel around the metropolitan area using our local MTA Light Rail or Metro trains, connecting downtown to the suburbs. Plan your next business trip or get-away using International commercial air travel at Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) or broad your Ocean Cruise Liner here in Baltimore.


Maryland Seafood of the Chesapeake Favors of BaltimoreSeafood is great here in Maryland as the Chesapeake and its fresh mountain-feed tributaries supply year around delicacies. Enjoy Maryland's famous Chesapeake Blue Shell Crab, baked Rock Fish (Stripped Bass), plus steamed Oysters or Clams and so many other delicious local flavors. Add this to all the recreation available in the largest bay of East Coast. Sport fishing, power boating, world-class sailing, idyllic marinas and the center decisive of historical for artist or naturalists - Maryland is "America in miniature."


Westminster airport began on a small farm field in a community along an old American Indian trail. The town was never in the direct path of commerce or early settlement, but it provided an abundance of needed local commodities; farm produce, livestock from hundreds-of-acres crops, for a growing Baltimore metropolitan area. Eventually the airport was the center of its own growing community - Carroll County is now a major supplier of local and regional produce.

A small airfield in a farmer's pastures soon it was dedicated by the Mayor of Westminster as a viable link to a growing nation, but little did anyone believe World conflict would push its development in a completely different directions. It was the onset of a World War when it first served the military to transport troops and later to forward supplies across both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

Decades later in a time of peace, local and state transportation authorities recognized the airport as a vital link for commerce in the region. To honor those involved in the revitalization, the airport was renamed Carroll County Regional Airport, and then later dedicated to Jack B. Poage - aviator and FBO owner.

Air travel changed dramatically since 2001, improving slightly by 2003. The airport executives matched this upward trend with some forward-looking planning and county improvements to the regional airport. Both population and economic development, with an emphasis on fast and reliable modals of transportation, require an airport capable of supporting a diverse customer base. Now serving as a major connecting hub for numerous eastern destinations, its role increases each year as passengers, pilots and cargo carriers pass though the National Capital and Baltimore Regional areas.

You will still find generations of aviation at Carroll County Regional Airport.


Recreational flying sailing the waters enjoy the funRelax with golf on some of the best courses on the east coast. Attend a football, baseball or soccer game with our championship sport teams. Enjoy winter recreation, summer fun and the wonderful autumn wine festivals. Ready to party - visit Fells Point's nautical nightlife, the Baltimore Science Center or Aquarium. Have you ever seen a Broadway show? - You can in Baltimore. The Chesapeake Bay area is an eclectic mixture of high-tech business, low stress relaxation, and fantastic food. Visit Baltimore - starting from here.

The airport is frequently visited by the Collings Foundation, an organization dedicated to the restoration of vintage and historical airport. See information from their last visit to the Carroll County Regional Airport <CLICK HERE> to see more information and photos.

Relax with a round of golf on some of the best professional courses on the East Coast of America.

Short flights from Carroll County Regional Airport will have you at numerous attractions. These include; Ocean City and the Boardwalk; Western Maryland's Summer and Winter resorts; the attractions of the Eastern Shore or south-central Pennsylvania; and of course our neighboring states of West Virginia & Virginia mountains, including the beautiful Maryland / Delaware (Delmar) recreational beaches. We are convenient from many airports in beautiful Maryland.

Our business is aviation, the business of supporting and maintaining a safe environment for aircraft, pilots and their passengers.

Maryland Airport guide runway landing after takeoff touch & go

Visit us and experience a great Aviation location!.

Carroll County Regional Airport, Jack B. Poage Field 
Westminster Maryland, 21157


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